Rock Band The Scabs Invite Sea Shepherd Belgium to Their Final Concert of 2012

Guy Swinnen, singer for the Scabs, wears a Sea Shepherd Shirt during the concertGuy Swinnen, singer for the Scabs, wears a
Sea Shepherd Shirt during the concert
Photo: Sea Shepherd
One of Belgium’s finest and most popular rock bands, The Scabs, displayed their dedication and interest in marine conservation, by offering Sea Shepherd space to set up an information table during the band’s last concert of the year.

The show took place December 1st in Ghent. Having been a huge fan since 1987, SSCS Belgium Director, Anne Van Ingelgem, was delighted; not just for the concert, but also for the opportunity to spread awareness of Sea Shepherd’s work.  “It was a fantastic gig!” she exclaimed.  “The Scabs played all my favorite songs: Matchbox Car, So Called Friends, Nothing on my Radio, I Need You, and many more. They were sharp and on point!” Frontman Guy Swinnen wore a Sea Shepherd T-shirt for the duration of the performance and guitarist Willy Willy proudly displayed the Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger logo shirt during the encore.

Sea Shepherd wants to thank the Scabs for their support. It means a great deal to us.  We look forward to working with the Scabs again in the future to spread awareness of the issues facing our oceans.

editorial-121206-1-2-the-scabs-and-SSCS-026Guitarist Willy Willy wore a jolly roger
logo shirt for the band's encore
Photo: Sea Shepherd
editorial-121206-1-3-Guy-en-AnneSSCS Belgium Director, Anne Van Ingelgem with Scabs frontman, Guy Swinnen
Photo: Sea Shepherd
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