Early Warning System for the Whales:
Sea Shepherd Deploys Acoustical Warning System for Whales in the Faeroe Islands

Early Warning System for the WhalesOver the last few weeks, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has maintained a presence in the Danish Protectorate of the Faeroe Islands.

Sea Shepherd is partnered with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in our opposition to the brutal and barbaric slaughter of pilot whales by Faeroese citizens.

It is a slaughter more horrific than the killing of the dolphins in Taiji, Japan, and it is taking place in Europe in violation of the Berne Convention, to which Denmark is a signatory.

From our ship the Golfo Azzurro, Sea Shepherd and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation have been gathering evidence on the slaughter of the whales and deploying experimental acoustical devices in the water to ward migrating pilot whales away from the island.

We have kept this idea quiet until now, but today the Faeroese media reported that a pod of pilot whales had escaped because of sounds being broadcasted under the water.

Well, they caught us. We have been doing just that, and it appears that the devices work, and if they work we will be returning next year with more of them to deploy.

The Faeroese slaughter entire pods, including pregnant females and young calves. Not a single whale survives once the Faeroese pull out their long knives and clubs. They perish in an agonizing bloody orgy as drunken fishermen hack, stab, club, and slash the defenseless animals to death, filling the bay with blood.    

The Faeroese call it “The Grind” and say it is a tradition and a gift from God. We call it a sadistic blood sport and a crime, a violation of the rules of the European Community, of which the Faeroes receives full benefits.

The acoustical devices can be left in the sea and will operate for weeks on batteries. They may be the key to saving the lives of many of these gentle whales, deterring them away from the violently cruel reception that the Faeroese would otherwise give them.

The crew of the Golfo Azzurro have not broken any laws, and thus the Danish Navy can only escort them; it cannot board or arrest them.

This campaign is being led by Sea Shepherd France President Lamya Essemlali.

Earlier in the summer, Sea Shepherd Undercover Operative Peter Hammarstedt was able to document one of the cruel pilot whale drives. Since then, the Faeroese have taken to covering the fetuses they tear out of the female wombs so they won’t be photographed, indicating that even they may be somewhat ashamed of their sadistic activities.

Grind Stop

Operation Grind Stop

Visit our special Operation Grind Stop website and help us stop the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faeroes

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