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Stand with us - #FightForTheBight

Stand up for the Great Australian Bight

The fight for the protection of the Great Australian Bight is at a critical point. 


Norwegian oil-giant Equinor has just been given environmental approval to drill for oil in the rough seas of the Great Australian Bight from Australia's offshore oil and gas regulator NOPSEMA. Now, Equinor has just two approvals needed before drilling activity can begin.


Drilling in the pristine waters of the Great Australian Bight will irrevocably damage the marine environment. Faced with the looming threat of an oil spill, the reality of deafening seismic blasts and climate destruction, drilling in the Great Australian Bight is simply not worth the risk. 


Stand with some of Australia's surfing legends in protecting the Great Australian Bight from risky deep-sea oil drilling by sending a letter of concern to Equinor today. 


The #FightForTheBight

Earlier this year, over 30,000 people wrote to the industry regulator NOPSEMA to voice their opposition against Equinor’s plans, 17 councils around Australia have formally opposed drilling in the Bight and #FightForTheBight paddle-outs around the country have garnered the support of tens of thousands of Australians. 


Equinor has publicly stated that “if we are not wanted here, we will not push through resistance.” Now is the time to keep the pressure on Equinor by letting them know they are not welcome in the Bight. 


We know we can win this because we’ve done it before. As a proud member of the Great Australian Bight Alliance, we have been fighting for the protection of the Bight since 2016. We've already forced BP and Chevron to abandon their plans for drilling in the remote waters of the Great Australian Bight. Now it's Equinor's turn. 


Stand with us in saying no to Big Oil in the Great Australian Bight!


Big Oil and Climate Change

Should it go ahead, Equinor's proposal could single-handedly blow Australia's carbon budget. 


Burning fossil fuels for our energy needs is the single most significant driver of climate change. As the world is in climate crisis, it is now crucial that we transition away from fossil fuels toward a sustainable and clean energy future. 


During the September 20 climate strike, over 300,000 Australians spoke out in defence of a liveable climate. 


For the protection of our coastline - and our climate, it is time for Equinor to stand on the right side of history and abandon their plans to drill in the Great Australian Bight. 

Help us protect the Great Australian Bight from risky deep sea oil drilling by sending a message to Equinor today. 

"We all have to jump in and fight with everything to save the Bight" - Sea Shepherd Australia's Managing Director Jeff Hansen. 

Defending the Great Australian Bight
Operation Jeedara

Operation Jeedara is our ongoing mission to defend, conserve, and protect the Great Australian Bight from risky deep-sea drilling. 

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