Dolphin Defence Campaign

Operation Pahu

Operation Sola Stella

Combatting Illegal Fishing in Liberia, West Africa

Marine Debris Campaign

Join our fight against ocean pollution

Operation Albacore

Fighting illegal fishing in Gabon, West Africa.

Illegal Fishing Campaigns

Partnerships to Protect Africa’s Marine Wildlife

Operation Dolphin Bycatch

Protecting dolphins on France's Atlantic Coast

Operation Pahu

Hector's Dolphin Defence Campaign

Operation Jeedara

Defending the Great Australian Bight

Operation Jodari

Combatting illegal fishing in Tanzania

Operation Apex Harmony

Defending, conserving and protecting sharks

Operation Reef Defence

Our Mission to #StopAdani

Antarctic Whale Defence Campaigns

Our fight to end illegal whaling

Operation Kimberley Miinimbi

Defending the Kimberley

Operation Siso

Fighting illegal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea

Operation Icefish 2014/15

Chasing down a notorious poaching fleet

Operation Driftnet

Shutting Down a Fleet of Illegal Driftnetters