John Butler Performs on the M/Y Steve irwin

Sunday, 12 Aug, 2012

The crew of the M/Y Steve Irwin were joined by Australian musician John Butler for a special performance onboard the M/Y Steve Irwin. 

John Butler performing in the lounge of the M/Y Steve Irwin.

The crew and officers of the M/Y Steve Irwin were very excited to welcome John Butler on board. Not only is John a celebrated Australian artist but is also been an active supporter and campaigner for the Kimberley project. John spent time with the crew, sharing hi personal investment and feelings about the Kimberley and its communities. 

" It's an inspirational thing to be part of.  I think apart from all the humbug that Woodside and State Government have created they have also brought the community together in a strange way. Some things are worth more than money: protecting the things that matter which is culture, land and life, not dollars and not the Dow Jones." 

John Butler with the crew of the M/Y Steve Irwin

Later in the day John filled the lounge of the Steve Irwin with some very inspiration songs about the Kimberly and about the struggles of the community to hold on to this untouched land and coast.

WATCH AND SHARE John Butler performing on the M/Y Steve Irwin during Operation Kimberley Miinimbi. 


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