Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Monday, 04 Jun, 2018


Plastic pollution has created a critical environmental disaster, but it’s not too late to stem the tide. Take action today by replacing single-use plastic items with reusable alternatives and picking up trash before it enters the ocean.

The convenience of plastic is creating devastating environmental and social impacts but it’s not too late to #StemTheTIde.

Say NO to plastic straws, bags, coffee cups, balloons, cutlery and food and beverage containers. 

Say YES to reusable cups, metal water bottles, canvas bags, stainless steel food containers, metal/bamboo straws and reusable cutlery. Purchase Single-Use Alternatives from our e-store. 

Check personal care items for microbeads.

Buy clothes made from natural fabrics or those made from high-tech materials which shed fewer microfibers.

If all else fails and you must purchase plastic, ensure it is recyclable - but remember, only 9 percent of plastic is recycled, globally.

By going reusable and not disposable, you will make a difference.

Remember: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recover, Recycle.

Want to do more?

TAKE direct action and join a Sea Shepherd beach clean-up near you - we host monthly clean-ups all around Australia. Our teams have picked up over 2.8 million pieces of marine debris. Invite your family and friends to help free our seas of marine debris.

Volunteers at a community beach clean-up in Perth.

CONTACT your local member of parliament and demand improved legislation, support bans and ask for better design choices and producer responsibility within the plastic packaging industry.

DON'T spoil the beach environment when you visit. Remember to take everything home with you, and if you see litter, please pick it up. Every piece counts!

SUPPORT our Marine Debris Campaign – your donation will help us to continue our work combatting plastic pollution. 


No matter your age or whether you live by the coast or inland, you can be part of the movement to #StemtheTide of marine plastic pollution.

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