Sea Shepherd New Zealand

Leave A Bequest

You have the power to help protect the future of our oceans and marine wildlife. By leaving a gift to Sea Shepherd New Zealand in your Will, you will be helping to ensure our oceans are protected for future generations.

Since its inception, Sea Shepherd has been committed to defending our oceans and creating awareness for the delicate state of our planet. Through campaigning and outreach, we have helped to educate people all over the world about the importance of healthy oceans to our survival.

By leaving a gift to Sea Shepherd New Zealand in your Will, you can ensure that our work will continue to grow. Your gift will honour your memory, reflecting the passion you have for our oceans and your desire to protect it for future generations. 

How to leave a gift to Sea Shepherd New Zealand

When considering Sea Shepherd New Zealand in your Will, it’s important to reflect your personal choices but not cause yourself any pressure or worry. All gifts are important to us. Your bequest to Sea Shepherd New Zealand will be received as an indication of your passion and commitment for the oceans.

The process is easy. You can include a bequest when making your Will, or add one to your existing Will. You should seek legal advice to ensure your choices are properly reflected either way.

Percentage or portion

The same way your estate can be shared between your loved ones, it can be shared with organisations. Your gift to Sea Shepherd New Zealand can be a percentage or proportion of your entire estate. You don’t need to specify the exact amount - in case you’re unsure of the value of your estate in the future - only a percentage or portion.


You can bequest an asset to Sea Shepherd New Zealand and you can include us as a beneficiary in your Life Insurance Policy. 

Cash gift

If you are confident of the value of your future estate, you may decide to nominate a specific cash value in your Will, to gift to Sea Shepherd New Zealand.

Suggested wording for bequest clause for insertion in testator’s will:

1.1 I give [insert the sum of residue gifted or share of residue given or description of the specific asset or property gifted] to Sea Shepherd New Zealand Trust (“Sea Shepherd”) free of all charges and for its general purposes. I direct the receipt of any responsible officer of Sea Shepherd to be a full discharge to my trustee.

1.2 I declare that if at my death [or at the date of distribution of my residuary estate] Sea Shepherd does not exist or has amalgamated with another trust or has changed its name, such legacy or residuary gift will not fail but my trustee will pay it to the organisation which they consider most nearly fulfils the objects I intended to benefit. The decisions of my trustee in this regard will be final and binding.

Legal name: Sea Shepherd New Zealand Trust

PO Box 90437 Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

Registered New Zealand Charity: CC55428 

The above wording is suggested only and you should refer to the advice of your solicitor or legal advisor when preparing your Will. 

Please send your enquiries to where they will be treated in confidence.