Forty Pilot Whales Killed in First Faroe Islands Grind of 2024

Monday, 06 May, 2024

Commentary by Faroes Campaign Lead, Valentina Crast

Grind in Klaksvik. Photo by Sea Shepherd. Scroll for more images.
Grind in Klaksvik. Photo by Sea Shepherd.
Aerial view of the Grind in Klaksvik. Photo by Sea Shepherd.
A child brought to see the Grind in Klaksvik. Photo by Sea Shepherd.
Pilot whale bodies being hauled from the sea in Klaksvik. Photo by Sea Shepherd.
Pilot whales killed in Klaksvik. Photo by Sea Shepherd.
Butchering the pilot whales after the grind in Klaksvik. Photo by Sea Shepherd.

On May 4th the first grind of 2024 was called. Forty pilot whales were hunted, dragged ashore, and killed in the town of Klaksvik, Faroe Islands. Among them, four young whales had their lives taken from them. Once again, an entire family was slaughtered. The Sea Shepherd crew was present, making sure the necessary documentation to halt these practices is obtained and shared globally. 

Our presence on the beaches, year after year, is a testament to our determination. With 40 years behind us in advocating against this atrocity, we remind ourselves and you that the work to end the grind is long and requires a strong collective effort to reach those with power to stop it. We need you on board with us because succeeding in saving the pilot whales and dolphins migrating through these waters will require the support and action of the entire marine conservation and animal rights community.


Recently, a significant stride was made by MEP Francisco Guerreiro, an ally in the Stop the Grind Coalition, who filed a motion for a resolution in the European Parliament to suspend EU funding to the Faroe Islands as long as these killings continue. If you’re a resident of the EU, we urge you to support this initiative by contacting your national MEPs (click here to find yours). With the upcoming election on June 9th, now is the time to act and make your voice heard for the pilot whales!


1. Learn more about the EU motion for resolution and other actions of the Stop the Grind coalition here:

2. Support Sea Shepherd's continued presence in the Faroe Islands this summer for Operation Living Fjords:

3. Spread the word to family, friends, and your community! Together we can #StoptheGrind and help protect these magnificent creatures!



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