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Thursday, 13 Jun, 2024

NZ Coalition Government continues its attack on our land, sea and animals. It now proposes to extend all marine factory farm consents by 25 years with NO COMPLIANCE regime. 

Many of these polluting fish prisons already have no monitoring conditions or modern environmental discharge standards. W

What will these death factories be like by 2049 with NO REGULATION?

In a regulatory impact statement, officials noted all stakeholders, including councils, environmental groups and iwi, except for industry representatives were OPPOSED to the proposal.

Make a stand against animal abuse and SH*T environmental outcomes.

Skin lesions on Chinook (king) salmon from affected farms in the Marlborough Sounds (MPI)

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This Bill betrays the very essence of the Animal Welfare Act (1999), which acknowledges fish as sentient beings. In marine farms, fish are cruelly denied the ability to exhibit their natural behaviors, and these facilities are utterly incapable of providing for their most basic welfare needs.

I urge you to reject the Resource Management (Extended Duration of Coastal Permits for Marine Farms) Amendment Bill. Failing to do so would betray the very values that make Aotearoa a beacon of democracy and environmental stewardship.

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