Where to Find Us

Sea Shepherd New Zealand

Apply to volunteer onshore with Sea Shepherd and find out where your closest chapter is:

New Zealand

Sea Shepherd New Zealand

PO Box 90437 Victoria Street West

Auckland 1142


Tel: +64 22 1501817


Sea Shepherd New Zealand Trust is a registered New Zealand charity: CC55428 


General enquires
Email info@seashepherd.org.nz


Media enquires
Email  michael@seashepherd.org.nz


Events Coordinator

Rika Louw
Email: events@seashepherd.org.nz


Volunter Onshore

To volunteer onshore at Sea Shepherd NZ please fill out the adjacent form and return to us. You can print and email the PDF version or you can type into the Microsoft Word version and email it back. Note, printing your name in "Signed" will be taken as your signature.


Return to: info@seashepherd.org.nz

Onshore Volunteer Form

PDF version here

Word version here


Michael Lawry

Email: michael@seashepherd.org.nz

Phone: +64 (0) 22 1501817


Lauren Duke

Email: christchurch@seashepherd.org.nz


Ludovic Dutoit
Email: dunedin@seashepherd.org.nz


Grant Meikle

Email: grant@seashepherd.org.nz



Jen Matiu

Email: queenstown@seashepherd.org.nz



Mandy Coleman

Email:  mandy@seashepherd.org.nz