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Jeff HansenJeff Hansen

Jeff joined Sea Shepherd in 2006 as a ground support volunteer in the Perth Chapter and his passion for marine conservation was quickly noticed. 

Jeff was subsequently invited to serve on board the M/Y Steve Irwin during SSCS’s 2007-2008 Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign called Operation Migaloo. His role as Quartermaster, based on the bridge, saw Jeff make a strategic call which resulted in discovering the location of the centrepiece of the whaling fleet, the Nissan Maru factory vessel.  Upon returning from the campaign SSCS’s leader Captain Paul Watson offered Jeff the position of Australian Director. During Operation Migaloo the direct action by SSCS spared 500 whales from the harpoon - around half the whalers’ quota.

The following year Jeff again served on board the M/Y Steve Irwin as Quartermaster during Operation Musashi where the Steve Irwin and crew survived a harrowing ordeal of being trapped in pack ice in the freezing waters of Antarctica. Again, Jeff was instrumental in    locating the Japanese whaling vessel the Keiko Maru. As a direct result of the brave crew, dedicated volunteers and supporters around the world, 308 whales were saved.

Jeff is a big believer in direct action and is very proud to be part of the whales’ navy, making sure that there is a future for everyone.

Jeff is a qualified Electronic and Computer Engineer and great nephew of Teddy Sheean, a famous World War II hero who served upon the HMAS Armidale.

Born in Melbourne, but now living in Perth, Jeff likes to keep fit and has completed two Ironman Triathlons. He and his wife are also wildlife rehabilitation carers, caring for sick and injured Bobtail lizards in their home in Perth’s southern suburbs. Jeff is also recently a proud dad of his little girl Abby who was born December 16th 2010.


Michael LawryMichael Lawry

Michael has been an on shore volunteer with Sea Shepherd NZ since 2010 and became National Co-coordinator in 2012. When Michael first found out about Sea Shepherd in 2002 he was struck by their unyielding commitment to save marine wildlife. This was an organisation that was willing to take risks to protect those creatures that couldn't protect themselves.

Michael worked as a musician and sound engineer for many years, touring Australia and New Zealand. He has degrees in Psychology and Computer Science and brings his IT skills to the NZ organisation. A keen conservationist he has worked for years protecting native birds in the west coast beach community he lives in with his family.


Grant MeikleGrant Meikle

Grant first became involved in Sea Shepherd when the Steve Irwin visited Bluff New Zealand’s southernmost port during Operation No Compromise in 2010.

Grant later joined Operation No Compromise as the Chief Engineer on the Gojiria, upon returning to dry land in 2011 Grant became the Southland Coordinator and more recently the Southland & Otago Regional Coordinator.

Born in Invercargill, New Zealand he served an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner in a marine workshop after his apprenticeship Grant moved to Australia where his passion for human rights inspired him to become a union convenor for the Australian Metal Workers Union during the late 1990’s in the Pilbara.

Grant and his wife Danielle currently run two engineering businesses and in 2015 won a business excellence award demonstrating Employer Excellence.


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